How Can you Best Experience the "Ultimate Theater?"

Before the real excitement of gatherings and festivities begin, this is the season, today and tomorrow especially, to go within.  The Earth comes between the Sun and Moon tonight, and the Sun “stands still” tomorrow providing both a Lunar eclipse and the Solstice, which can have some powerful influences on us humans.  The Moon, which represents the magic of the inner experience comes one day before the Sun, which represents the manifest external form, pauses briefly in its procession from South to North relative to how we see it here on Earth. This represents a heightened time of opportunity not only get to know the loving light at the core of who you are within, but also the unique way that you are in the external world.

There is the Within, your personal experience, and the Without, the external forms.  Basically, the external forms offer possibilities for internal experiences.  There is great value in the external forms here in the Theater of Creation, and in fact we pay dearly to laugh, cry, and to feel pleasure and pain through our bodies, our relationships, our work, and resources.  We don’t HAVE to pay, and we don’t necessarily NEED the external forms to have experiences, as many accomplished Yogi’s and monks of all traditions have shown. The center of your soul has access to all experiences of all time, the ultimate theater, but only if you are willing to get there.  Nonetheless, the external theater and prices seem to be the preferred mode.  However, regardless of the external form, we are the ones asking for and creating our internal experiences, and they are of the greatest value.  My book, “Dreaming Your World Into Being”, would have been more aptly titled, “Dreaming your Experiences Into Being”.

The shamans say that all perception is projection. it took me quite a while to understand and believe that.  It means that all that we experience from the forms, words, and actions of the outside world, is a projection of our internal way of being, what we would usually say and do.  Sometimes our projection is an accurate match to what the external world intended us to perceive, and sometimes it is not.  Either way, we are certain of what we are perceiving.  it is very, very real to us.  A person on the healing journey to power and freedom can be just enough aware of this to recognize that what seems certain, may actually be a mistaken projection.  Knowing this, softens the certainty and leaves room for a change in perception and experience, and the allowing of others to think, do, and say things differently than you would, without a reaction.  The art of achieving this awareness, comes in spiritual and psychological practices of our journey that lead to a state of non-attachment, inability to be offended, and having nothing to defend, not even our own life experience, to name a few.  The beginning of the practice of this art, is to go within and explore the details of our own projector – “know thyself”.  The more you get to know the way you do or see things in the world, the more you can differentiate the way others might do or see things.  Our projection acts as a mostly unconscious mechanism for assuming that what a person said or did, was intended as and meant the same as the reason you would have said or done it – a potentially false perception that can lead to spiraling misunderstanding, accusation, and non-serving reactions.  This is really the cause of many of the painful experiences in the theatre.  But there is an alternative, and it is more available than ever before – right now.

Take a moment to use my meditation technique of going into the heart, and go anywhere in your body and soul.  Imagine looking for the projector and the films and get to know and acknowledge your very unique way of being in the world theater.  No judgment is necessary, because every way of being in the world is valid.  If there is anything you want to change, you can do it for no other reason than just to be another way in the world, because it is your choice.  For now, just observe, and allow for the possibility that each and every person has a unique projector and films.  If you wish, then seek to verify whether your perception of another’s actions is a match or not to their intentions – and allow for the possibility that they can have different intentions that you would.  Know that this inquiry, can completely change your experience of an event.  And know that behind every projector, is the pure and loving light of the Source; in varying degrees of being pinched-off or completely unhindered.  And even after you get to know this experientially, then you may just want to go back to letting the light shine through the film, and enjoy the dramatic festivities; and love and appreciate the characters of the theater that you call your friends, enemies, strangers, and family.

And even if you are alone, you can learn to love and reconcile the feminine and masculine characters within. From the words of shaman sister and astrologer, Michelle Karen, “For those who do not presently have a significant relationship, it is a time to  create your inner marriage and find completeness within yourself.  Making our inner masculine and  feminine conscious, erases the sense of lack or longing. If your desire is to join with another in relationship, from that place of mastery, peace and wholeness where you are deeply in love with yourself and your life,  it will necessarily unfold in the most beautiful of ways…. This Eclipse also talks about developing love and compassion, understanding truly that we are all one and that what happens outside of ourselves is the mirror of our inner thoughts and feelings. The magic of this is that no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in, we can no longer be victims. We step into co-creation.”

I hope this is useful and at least encourages further exploration, or the realization that you know this journey even more than my words can express.

To a great 2011 and beyond.

With Love,

Jon Rasmussen

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