Honor, Forgive, and Be Gentle on Yourself

I wish to share some insights from the last month.

First is to understand that the potential damage we do to ourselves when we say yes, but really wanted to say no.  We may think we are being nice to whomever is asking, but if we are compromising our own guidance and truth, then its like beating ourselves with a bat and the bruises may not show up until years later in various forms.  You can be a nice person, AND say no at the same time.

The second insight is a helpful exercise when you are finding it difficult to make a decision or just get motivated.  The idea is that if we are working for someone, we are motivated to do what the boss asks us too for various and obvious reasons. But when it comes to doing something on our own or for ourselves, it sometimes doesn’t seem important.  What I suggest is that you make the person you will be near the end of your life your boss.  And THAT boss wants to have a nice and interesting life story to tell.  So do a bunch of stuff if not at least to have some stories to tell when that is about all you have left.  You definitely do not want to disappoint that boss.

The third insight takes us back around to the opening of this email and for a bit of fun.  I’ve always been interested in finding interpretations of old prophecies and religious texts that make sense and align with other prophecies and what I see going on in the current reality. So here is what I came to me in the shower the other morning after seeing the Massa news story the night before, regarding the Judgment Day scenario; you know the one from the Book of Revelation in the global number one all-time best-selling anthology.  The words there say essentially that the dead shall be brought back to life and everyone will be judged and some go to a place with pleasant experiences and some go to a place with not so pleasant experiences. Some think that literally people will pop-up out of their graves, and God will do all the judging.   Here is my current interpretation:  The “dead” actually means the old skeletons in our closet – all the things we did in the past that we thought were bad and put behind us hoping that they would never resurface.  The “judgment” is conducted by ourselves and our society (collectively God you might say).  I think that we are at the beginning of this “day”, where the old stuff is coming out whether we wanted it to or not, we face the judgment, and depending on how harsh we judge ourselves and it is mirrored by our Society, and how well we can be forgiving and allowing of it all, determines whether we have pleasant experiences or not going forward.  There have been many public figures going through this, and very many privately.  We are in it now, we are the ones, and we have the opportunity to choose how it goes.  So you see that it is not that the prophecy isn’t valid, it is just that there will not be a gray bearded guy coming to do this on one given day.


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