Shamanic Transformation for Individuals, Couples, and Groups

Shamanism is comprehensive approach to individual and organizational empowerment and success.  Shamans recognize and engage the deepest levels of patterning to remove both conscious and unconscious blocks from sources that can span lifetimes and generations.  In session, with the help of spiritual team, I can track and remove negative influences and blocks, and then enhance positive influences that will help you or your group to achieve your greatest goals.  Additionally, your are given the tools, techniques, and knowledge to be fully empowered and enhance your own natural corrective and creative abilities.

I work with you to solve virtually every form of individual and group dynamic issues across the full spectrum of human experience from physical and emotional health, to relationships, work, and finances.  This fully integrative approach greatly accelerates results that can be difficult or lengthy to achieve using conventional techniques alone.  Furthermore, the Shamanic approach is completely compatible with and supportive of existing personal and organizational programs. The combination of newly re-discovered ancient wisdom and the wisdom that we have been waiting for is making miracles commonplace.

"A brilliant and gifted healer, and a man of deep and prescient insight." - Alberto Villoldo PhD  author of Shaman, Healer, Sage

Dreaming Your World Into Being

The shamans say that we are dreaming our world into being every moment by our focus of attention, our feelings, our thoughts and beliefs, our unconscious myths, and deep and old energetic patterns and influences. To change our reality and the world we live in, we must shift all of these layers of our being, to create an unfettered and deliberate waking dream that is a match to our desired experiences, our goals, our destiny.  This site and Jon's work are dedicated to helping and empowering you and your organization to make these necessary shifts in the simplest, quickest, most efficient, and most effective ways possible.

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