Shamanism is a powerful way to create an ideal group dynamic.

The shamanic techniques address the core principle that influence an individual’s ability to create their ideal experiences, particularly where there is vulnerability from old patterns and dynamics.  In groups, the influence can go both ways, where an individual is influenced by others in the group, and the group as a whole is influenced by individuals.  My work with groups and organizations clears out old patterns and calls in the ideal destiny that the group desires.  It’s powerful work that cutting edge organizations are now tapping into.

I help groups and organizations:
  • Clear past patterns of unproductive behavior and re-align the group’s collective energy so that the group functions in a powerful and positive way
  • Call in the ideal goal or destiny of the group and put the whole organization on a clear path to achieving their desired results
  • Create a new bond with the group that will ensure harmony and movement toward shared goals
  • Participate in a unique experience that creates bonding and team building


What to Expect in a Group Session

When I work with groups, I start with an explanation of the how shamanism effectively and efficiently addresses the subconscious influences in each individual and the group as a whole.  I then help to clearly define the core experiences at the heart of the group’s overall mission statement and specific goals for a particular conference.  Within that context, I then help define each individual’s ideal experience in their process during and within the group’s mission, as well as in successfully achieving the group’s goals.

The initial process of defining and tracking helps everyone to gain a clarity that few other organizational development, management consulting, or group and family therapies can achieve.  From this point, the powerfully deep shamanic processes of removing blocks and creating patterns of success in each individual’s energy field as well as that of the group, which has taken on a life of its own, are engaged in much the same way as the individual session.

I also share powerful tools that the group can take with them to continue to be fully empowered through stages of growth and increased complexity to come.