Shaman Jon has taken the time to answer frequently asked questions about his shaman sessions, extensively and from the heart.

How effective is your shaman session?

True shamanism is practical and pragmatic in that it is all about the results. The only reason I am still doing this after many years is that it works and my clients tell other people.  My sessions are very comprehensive and efficient. The combination of insights and tools for the way you look at the world and more effectively create your experiences on the psychological level alone has been acknowledged and highly valued by all clients and psychology and coaching professionals that I have worked with.  But the even greater value are the powerful shifts that occur at the deepest energetic and subconscious levels of your being that greatly help you more easily achieve the mindset and physical experiences that you prefer.

Having worked with thousands of clients who are range from their first experience with alternative healing to those who have been through every other modality including the best healers, shamans, and teachers from around the world, and helping them get the results they were looking for in often miraculous fashion as well, has convinced me of the powerful efficacy of my sessions. I have also helped many realize their own calling as a shaman, healer, teacher themselves and supported their journey to mastery.

Of course, even after clearing the way, you are still responsible to continue your work, including the post-session homework, and to create your own life experiences.  The shaman does not offer a magic pill or quick fix, nor would take your power away by becoming an authority.

Do you have to believe it for it to work?  Does it work for total skeptics?

No you don’t have to believe in shamanism, how it works, or me at all to get the same results as any other client.  The work is happening below the level of the mind where your beliefs are held, so it works regardless.  I have worked with the greatest skeptics, and I myself am one, and by the time we are done, they have changed their mind about it.

Is it just placebo effect?

No.  Again, placebo effect operates only through the mind-body connection.  The energy body or soul, also known as Aura and different name in each language is very real and is your essential self that operates in the physical world through the mind-body vehicle.  Our shaman sessions engage and make changes directly to your soul level.  Placebo effect can always come into play, but doesn’t have to in order to produce results. Similar to the idea that a Doctor has to work directly on your body to suture an open gash to stop the bleeding, whereas placebo effect alone wouldn’t cause the wound to close.  The shaman must work directly on the energy body in that way – a show is not enough.

Is it like Reiki, Massage, EFT, or EMDR?

Each of these modalities are extremely effective in and of themselves for working on specific issues at the physical, psychological, and emotional levels, and can also in some cases affect change on the soul level; whereas my shaman session covers all levels comprehensively and is a great complement to all other modalities.  I consider all of them to be under the umbrella of shamanism in general, and we all bring the full variety of our training and gifts to our shamanic practice.  I have studied and practiced quite a number of these modalities myself.

Is it like a past life regression, hypnosis, or psychic reading?

Each of these can be a part of the shaman session work and very insightful and helpful reframing your thought processes.  Most of these would be the part of the shaman session that we call tracking, which is gathering information and insight that we would then work on changing if it serves your ultimate goal.  Shamans know that it is often not enough just to understand in order to heal, but that through our work the healing happens first, then the understanding and new way of being can follow more quickly and easily.

Will I need to ingest any herbs, entheogens like Ayahuasca, or other substances during the session?

No.  The way that I work during the session achieves all of the results you would get from those specialized forms of shamanic practices. Although using those kinds of sacred plant medicines may provide a more intense experience and altered state, it is not uncommon for clients to have similar yet milder experiences in my sessions.  And you can have similar visions and insights during my session as well.  I have worked personally in my own training with various plant medicines, and with clients who have traveled with me to Peru, and am a proponent of those specialties with whom they resonate.  The only plant medicines involved in my shaman sessions are in my Agua de Florida mixture that I spray to clear the space and help clear energies form your body and luminous energy field/aura/soul.

How is your session different than other shamans?

Around the world there are many different forms, practices, and specialties of shamanism. Most importantly is that each and every individual will resonate with particular shamans, healers, and teachers. It is most important to follow your own inner guidance in that regard and work with whoever is most effective for you.   In the experience of my clients, or the folks that find themselves sitting with me through their own manifestation, my sessions are the most comprehensive that they have ever experienced.

I am fortunate to cover a very large spectrum of forms and specialties from extensive and broad training and experience, as well as being trained by The Four Winds Society, which in and of itself has a very deep and broad training program. Their Healing the Light Body School also includes a very critical part of the training and work in the energetic initiation rites that have been kept and passed from teacher to student within the ancient Peruvian shamanic lineages since the beginning.  In my experience, this unique quality makes up the greatest part of the effectiveness of my sessions.

Do I need to prepare?

No. Because the session is so comprehensive and works at a level below the mind and physical, there is literally nothing you need to do to prepare for the session. In fact, we could be in the middle of Grand Central Station, in a lousy state of mind or physical discomfort, and the work is just as effective as in the most pristine states.  We can do a session anywhere and anytime.

Does it matter if I’m not feeling ready or in a good place?

No. We are rarely ready or in the best place to engage in an act of power of this magnitude, so it just doesn’t matter. Showing up is all you need to do.

Do I have to be good at meditating or quieting my mind?

No. No matter what you are thinking or feeling during a session, it cannot help or interfere with the work that me and my non-physical team are doing.

Will I get emotional or feel anything physical?

It is not necessary to feel anything during the session for it to be working, but it is not uncommon for emotions, thoughts, memories, and/or physical sensations to come up.  They pass very quickly though, and I am completely non-judging, can’t be offended, and truly unaffected by whatever comes up.  It is my expertise in holding a safe and sacred space for you, and the entire session is held in complete confidentiality.

How long does the session take?

A typical session for an individual takes about 1.5 hours and includes a very comprehensive and efficient explanation of shamanism, the processes, and our intake and exit consultation and tracking.  The energetic work itself is not bound by the linear time and space of the physical world, a therefore can happen very quickly.

It is really only limited by the time it takes for me to formulated all the past life and ancestral energetic stories that I am clearing and changing so that I can tell you about it, and facilitate the processes on each of the levels.  Sometimes the sessions will include more psychological and even physical clearing and healing work that can also take up some time.  Sometimes those kind of more extensive sessions can take up to 2 or so hours.  But that will be more at your discretion.

Will I be tired after the session and/or need time to recover before I drive or do anything else?

Not necessarily.  Usually the session is very restful, relaxing, and rejuvenating like a long good sleep.  So it is fine to do anything you want or need to do after the session.

Do I need to do anything specific after our session?  And can I contact you with questions?

There are some simple homework processes that I explain to you and also have on my website to support you and the integration of the work for some days to a couple of weeks after the session.  And, you are always free to contact me afterwards with questions.

How many sessions will I need?

My sessions are also quite unique among my peers because I really do two or three sessions in one compared to how we were all trained.  So my initial assumption will be that the one session with some of the simple homework that I assign to integrate the work will be sufficient.  However, it is never a bad idea to follow-up at least once to check in on the results.

I have some clients that like to meet with me for one aspect of the work or another every month, quarter, or year just to help stay on top of their complex lives and how it might be influencing them presently.  Since the world is still not conducive to staying perfectly clear on the soul level, even though we cleared all of the past, past lives, and ancestral imprints, it may make sense to do a maintenance session based on more recent negative encounters.

Will I get results right away?

There are many factors that determine how quickly your life experiences shift from our session(s).  Some results are experienced immediately, and some may take months, and everywhere in between.  In the experience of my clients and my own personal experiences, this work produces the quickest results of any other known healing, spiritual, or wisdom modality and teaching.  Of course as a complement to all others, nothing beats it.

Most results happen within days and weeks if the homework is done accordingly and/or you have other effective practices.  And I encourage you to continue and have effective practices on the mythic, psychological, and physical levels for quality of life in general.

Does what we clear come back, or is it permanent?

What we clear does not come back. Work on the energetic level is permanent.  But in order to experience a permanent shift in your life experiences it helps to maintain healthy practices as mentioned in the question above.  The only way and energetic imprint would “come back” is if you were re-wounded and didn’t process and release in the moment.  But hopefully the work we do together would give you the permission to fully and quickly process all painful experiences going forward.

Is it against my religion?

No. Shamanism forms the original structure and basis for religion, but is not institutionalized and without rules and scripture of its own; therefore all religions, beliefs, spiritual practices, science, atheism, and agnosticism can be supported by the shamanic work and techniques that we employ in the sessions, and as homework.  There is no need for anything we do in a session to be at odds with your beliefs for it to still work.  My clients have covered the entire span mentioned above, and the comfort level and results of the session have not wavered.

Is it a magic button, or do I still have to do some work after?

It is the most powerful work and opportunity for miracles, but ultimately you are still responsible to create your own life experiences. So no, it is not a magic button that gets you off the hook for all the choices you make going forward. Nothing is.

Can it replace my psychologist, medication, or other practices?

You must consult your doctors in the normal manner after our session.  I would encourage you to continue with what is working for you on the psychological, spiritual, and physical levels.  It has been the experience of my clients that my sessions accelerate the results of everything else they are doing, and many have had the breakthroughs they were hoping for.

I have often worked effectively in collaboration with a client’s psychologist, medical doctor, and spiritual teachers.  The idea is to cover every level without skipping one.  It just so happens that what most people on the planet today are skipping, are the critical levels that my shaman sessions address most effectively.

How does it work over the phone or Skype?

It is identical in every way to an in person session, except of course for my physical touch.  It is however common for my clients to have the same physical experiences during the session as they do in person.

Can you work on someone without them knowing?

Sometimes I get the request to work on a friend or loved one who may otherwise not be open or incapacitated.   It is possible, but this creates a fine line bordering on sorcery.  What distinguishes shamanism and sorcery are the shaman is interested in simply empowering the client who is asking, to free and empower them to improve their own quality of life; whereas, a sorcerer will use the same techniques to work on someone who is not asking in order to take their power away or produce a result on someone other than the client to make the client’s life easier.

For example, a client will hire a sorcerer to kill his enemies or fight of the curse from another sorcerer; whereas a shaman will empower the client not to create enemies in the first place and not be subjective to sorcery at all.

So, if it can be determined that the person who doesn’t know would want me to work on them, as opposed to just the requesting person wanting it, then it is doable.  Or, if it is not about the requesting person’s experience at all, then I can offer the work to the other person’s soul just to help free and empower them, and they may accept or reject it.

Can you work on babies and children?

Yes. They take to the work very well.  And since the conditions don’t affect the work, it’s okay if the baby or child is playing or squirreling around during the session.  And of course they don’t need all the explanation and dialogue I usually do with an older person.

Can you work on animals, objects, houses, and land?

Yes.  The work is equally effective without limits.  I would note however, that it is usually important to work on the animal’s owner as well, as the animal often takes on the issues that might otherwise have manifested in the owner.  Same for all objects, houses, land, etc. as the owner’s affinity to the energies contained therein also needs addressing in order not to just keep attracting the same thing or energy over and over after we clear it.

Can you work on groups?  If so, what is the maximum number?

Yes.  I can work on any number of people all at the same time.  Even to me it is miraculous how I can even keep track of all that I need to tell each in the group. Of course purely logistically speaking the form and presentation of the work with groups above 12 or so requires less personal attention. Nonetheless, each person gets the results they want from the work.

Can you work remotely without phone or Skype connection?

Yes.  My sessions are not limited by time and space in any way. In fact, people have reported, and I have experienced full sessions happening even in our sleep. I dream of it, and/or they dream of it.  And my lineage and non-physical team have worked on and contacted people in dreams, meditations, and visions.  Really anything seems to be possible once you engage with my work and lineage in any way.

Shouldn’t shamans work for free?

Before the use of money, and in many primary cultures still, it was most common that the shaman had or was provided what they needed to live in the village, and worked freely.  However, even then it was customary for the client to offer some kind of gift in exchange for the shaman’s work. This is mostly because if the client doesn’t give something finite in return, they may feel obligated to pay energetically, which is hard to measure and know when to stop, which is not good for the client at all, and not needed by the shaman at all.

So, I will work for free if necessary, but even the gift of a rock is good for the previous reason.  At the same time, our modern society doesn’t generally value this kind of work (heck, we don’t even value teachers nearly enough, just to name one critical service).  And unfortunately, like in many vocations there are some charlatans who take money for nothing, which doesn’t help. Nonetheless, most shamans like me have to pay rent, food, clothing, gas, and etc.  And most commonly the shamans like me never quit their day job as a result.  But that severely limits how much of their gifts they can be giving to those who are asking.

So it is necessary to receive money from at least some number of clients to make up for our current societal norms.  When people ask about my fee, I never want the money to stop them from receiving the work, so I always make it clear that they can pay whatever they are comfortable with and meets their budget.  I will give out a figure for guidance that is on the low-end of the range of my peers and similar professions, and some can give less, and some want to give more.

I’ve always had a generous nature, maybe even to a fault. I’ve worked with healers at this level and looking back, if I could have afforded give them thousands of dollars for what they did for me, I would have. Quite honestly, I now know and feel that it was priceless.