Dreaming Your World While Sleeping Too!

I was fortunate to attend an event with the Hopi Dancers at the Ayni Gallery in Santa Barbara, and I wish to share a profound insight that my friend Al Ballabio shared with all of us at the event.  I have written about the creative process of dreaming while awake; consciously and deliberately manifesting your experience through feeling based prayer and various other aids, that forms the basis of much of my work.  Al suggests now that we take that process into our sleeping dreamtime.  Most of us approach bedtime as just sleep and rest between our waking hours.  But there is a lot happening consciously or not during our sleeping hours.  If we initiate our dreamtime with an intention, the same way we may start our waking day, then the circle of the 24 hour cycle is made complete.  This is fun to play with. You may or may not remember a dream, journey, or other experience that occurred during your sleeping hours when you wake up in the morning, but rest assured that your deliberate intent was at play.  And when you do consciously remember it can be quite extraordinary.  Just know that time and the Universe not only works for you when awake, but also during sleep.  More on this and owning time in my next blog.

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