Video: Dr. Alberto Villoldo Interview Series on His Journey and Shamanism

Shaman Jon Rasmussen has the privilege to present a three part series of interviews of his mentor Dr. Alberto Villoldo as he describes his personal journey from a traumatic childhood in the Cuban Revolution to early success in academia in Psychology, to becoming the carrier of a great shamanic resurgence.

Jon believes that through his educational organization, The Four Winds Society, , Dr. Villoldo has had the single greatest impact on healing and humanity in modern history. This comprehensive three-part interview illuminates the importance of shamanism during this epic shift in human consciousness and evolution.

It was filmed in Joshua Tree California during the Four Wind’s Healing the Lightbody School training in 2007 along with several interviews of students, teachers, and clients that are published in further videos.


Dr. Alberto Villoldo Interview Part 1/3 – His Journey to Shamanism


Dr. Alberto Villoldo Interview Part 2/3 – The Critical Role and Task of Modern Shamans


Dr. Alberto Villoldo Interview Part 3/3 – The Value and Application of Shamanic Cosmology in Your Life


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