Courage and the Enlightened Man in the New America

The true measure of courage is our ability to act wisely in the face of perceived danger.  Whether or not the danger actually exists, we always have a choice to “do the right thing.”  The reason why courage is emphasized in a soldier’s training is because a wrong decision can be deadly and catastrophic.  Soldiers are taught to rapidly gather factual data in assessing their situation before acting even in the most truly dangerous situations.  If a perceived threat is not a real threat when assessing the data, then action to suppress or destroy is not taken.   It takes real courage to gather and assess the facts in that moment of fear.

 Courage is a Prerequisite Enlightenment

This is a basic human survival necessity, to gather all the facts and data possible before taking action.  A great teacher has also pointed out that enlightenment is simply lack of confusion.  Confusion is eliminated by gathering real and reliable data and facts.  This is why I would argue that courage is a prerequisite of true enlightenment.  You cannot wait until you feel safe by killing the thing in front of you before assessing whether or not it was a real danger.  That would be catastrophic for all things including ultimately you.

This is in fact where humanity went sideways with regard to our relationship to Nature and all things Feminine.  Man’s lack of courage and choice to suppress the Feminine as evidenced in the suppression and division of women, as well as the attempts to conquer the natural world, because of the fear that it would otherwise control and hurt him, has ultimately lead to the greatest dysfunction, disease, catastrophic wars, and abuse of all time.  All of this has developed because he acted before determining that nature and the feminine were really not out to get him.

 Courage is Needed to Seek the Truth in the Face of Misinformation

Now I would like to apply this understanding to the male-dominated, but rapidly revolving modern societies of today, particularly the one I live in here in the United States.  We are in a critical time where the actions of men and all masculine institutions, including masculine driven women need to be based on factual data, courage and enlightenment.  Those who would resist change and the move toward a more enlightened humanity know that their best leverage comes by presenting false information, hiding the facts, and manipulating the data. In other words, their goal is simply to encourage confusion, increase fear, and hope that their followers act before they realize the truth.  This is the real challenge we face before the necessary healing process can take place.

A big perpetrator of this approach to keep people misinformed, confused, and fearful in the U.S. for example is Fox News and related pundits and followers.  There was documentary produced in 2004 called “Outfoxed”, and a more recent book called “The Fox Effect” that expose what they doing.  My shamanic abilities to see have made it easy to discern their methods and trickery, which then can be verified by simple research of the facts. To be clear, this is not a personal opinion or rant, but instead an objective and measurable reality.   But to their followers, the trickery is masterfully administered starting with their slogan of “Fair and Balanced.”  They actually use very sophisticated and well known brainwashing techniques.  The arguments that other news organizations like MSNBC do the same thing are simply not true. There is a difference in presenting an ideological opinion or bias based on a set of facts, versus based on a set of complete falsehoods.  Differences of opinions and ideologies are healthy and lead to good debate and genial compromise when they are around the same set of facts; but, the possibility of real debate and compromise completely fall apart when the “facts” are made up out of thin air.

Unfortunately a great number of people are tricked and captured by this fox-like approach and become easily indoctrinated.  Then the lies are repeated and perpetuated, and someone else saying the same thing in another venue becomes evidence that what was originally said must be true.  And since fear is the greatest motivator, a little dose of that locks in the followers desire to believe even more strongly the original lie. Simply, “if you don’t believe this, something really bad will happen to you and your loved ones.”  And furthermore, “if you don’t also convince your loved ones, something really bad will happen to them as well.”  This is completely detrimental to moving forward successfully as a country and representation of humanity in any form, which is why I decided to bring it up at this time.

There can be no judgment or blame for those who have been duped and manipulated, and not much can be done in a free-speech society about those who would choose to lie with malicious intent; but going forward there is an opportunity for the majority of men and women to dig deep and find the courage to move forward with compromise based on truth.  And it takes extra effort to figure out the truth against the tide of misinformation – a relentless persistence is key until the truth is un-muddled.

 An Informed People is Essential for Democracy

In order to avoid the demise of our unity through the strategy of divide and conquer, everyone must at least start with the same factual data.  And in order for the healthy debate and compromise that make it possible to thrive together in the same county and same world, it is essential to get away from the drug-like influence of those who would falsify or muddy the factual data.  As a shaman, we understand that a person can only be healed after first stopping the bleeding, or a drug-addict treated after first intervening and getting them off of the drug.  Likewise, in order for humanity to come to a place of wholeness, clarity, and enlightened co-existence, they must first get away from that which is bleeding their own ability to discern and drugging them with misinformation and fear.

A good and brilliant friend of mine pointed out that this 2012 U.S. election has been the most archetypical in recent history in terms of the opportunity of humanity to move toward greater knowledge, enlightenment, and evolution or move backward into greater darkness, ignorance, and suffering.  We both see it as an archetypical and literal representation of the return of the Feminine from the place of suppression and division at the hands of a non-courageous Masculine structure and hierarchy that has proven wholly unsustainable, unhealthy, and the cause of much suffering on the planet.

Completely opposite to the information that is coming from Fox and friends, what I and many of my visionary friends saw in meeting candidate Obama, was a man who at the core of his heart, soul, and mind represents that balance of Feminine and Masculine in a male form that exemplifies a truthfully centrist bridge to the next evolution of leadership and humanity.  His own words and actions also support this when seen outside of the manipulation meant to turn the truth around. He is actually better for Republicans than they realize.  Obama is a perfect example of the old adage, “if you want to live like a Republican, vote Democrat.”  Historical fact actually bears this out as well.  Obama is a centrist progressive just like Lincoln was, at a time when his Republican party was for labor, fair distribution of land, classical liberalism, and even social activism.

Be Courageous and Find the Facts

So my message for how to act in a courageous way at this critical juncture and going forward in the U.S. and the world at large is to first be rational and factual, and so not allow the influence of those that would use deceit to divide and conquer us as a nation of tremendous example and promise.  Find the power and freedom within to reject these influences that are set on disempowering and taking advantage of you against your own best interest as a member of a community that ultimately thrives only as much as each of its components.  In the long run, the quality of life of even the most independently successful among us is interdependent on the full functionality and thriving of all of the natural systems of which all humans are an integral component.

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