Commentary and Perspective on the Biggest Issues and Solutions Facing Humanity and the World


A Broad Summary of Opinion and Suggestions on the Main Issues of the Day by Shaman Jon Rasmussen

I wish to comment on the state of conflict and division being focused on in the media and in the world today, namely in the form of terrorism, racism, sexism, bigotry, bullying, war, and violence of all kinds.  The best prescription to stop those who would act against others based on religious, secular, and ideological extremism of any kind and the “evil” that lives only in the mind of man as confusion,  misperception, misinterpretation, woundedness, and fear, is education, unconditional loving kindness, deep healing, and courage.  When we are healed of and release old wounds, ignorance, and misperceptions that influence us towards acts of violence, and we are given an opportunity to contribute with our gifts to our family, community, and world, then our default nature of love and cooperation dominates all other impulses.  Courage allows us to be all-inclusive, allowing, and functional within the diversity of humanity, the world, and Universe.

The three major religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, whose extremist factions are the primary culprits of and justification for fear and division, have in significant ways been mistranslated, misinterpreted, misunderstood, and mis-applied both unintentionally, and deliberately over the span of their existence.  This is the main challenge to making progress towards peaceful, harmonious, and cooperative co-existence.  Proper interpretation of the teachings is critical for all sides, and requires much more work and broad, all-inclusive research than just about anyone is doing, except for some scholars like Dale Allen Hoffman, myself, and others.

The next biggest challenge is of course overcoming greed (ala the military-industrial complex, and some aspects Capitalism), which is just a component of fear and ignorance that is of course solved by courage, healing, and education as well.  And when I speak of education, I’m not talking about just reading posts and articles on Facebook or certain agenda-driven media outlets, which most often are also misleading, misguided, and misinforming – the opposite of education.  True education requires in-depth research, proven and trusted sources, great discernment, and much direct experience and data.  And as shamans teach, the education process should be grounded in fact, practical, pragmatic, and broadly scientific (injunction-observation-corroboration-proof).

And while I have painted with fairly broad strokes above, in no way to I wish to ignore or diminish the importance of addressing the very acute and contributing factors of mental illness, disease, starvation, slavery, environmental destruction, violence and weaponry, racism, sexism, bigotry, and abuses of every kind.  These all need to be dealt with at the same time. Shamans know that you have to stop the bleeding first, then go to the healer, the teacher, and the visionary to address the underlying cause of the bleeding, and avoid it going forward.  Therefore, not only is there room for all approaches at all levels, but it is imperative that all of it is stepped-up to its greatest effectiveness.  We can certainly be channeling more of our energy, money, time, and resources for example to promoting education and well-being to less privileged people at home and abroad, and particularly those that without it would otherwise take up arms against us.

But you can see how all of this can be hindered by extremist beliefs of “end-of-times” prophecies, where many not only don’t care to help with solutions, but actually want the trajectory to continue to total destruction so that they feel justified and vindicated, and/or just don’t want to do the hard work of healing, education, and courage. For many of these “believers”, their self-fulfilled fallacies are their main coping mechanism and hope to get to the kind of paradise that in fact only our work can bring us back to right here on the Earth where the inner and outer state of “Heaven” is meant to be when we are healed, educated, and courageous.  This brings us back to the first main challenge.  Proper interpretation of these teaching and prophecies, show that the destructive spiral is not inevitable, but instead is meant to be avoided when we do the work.

I personally decided long ago and after my own extensive journey of healing, research, education, and experience, that the greatest contribution that I may be able to make towards a peaceful, cooperative, and harmonious human relations and world was to start with using my gifts as a shaman, healer, and teacher.  I wanted to go directly as close as I could to the root causes of the matter.  I’ve been extremely fortunate to have helped a large spectrum of people around the world in this way, including highly influential leaders in all fields including education, health, business, environment, entertainment, and politics.  Because of client confidentiality, I do not name them, but rest assured many are as famous as you can imagine, and in the news almost daily.  And I am not alone in this, by any means.  A number of my colleagues, students, and teachers and dedicated healers and teachers from many other  modalities and traditions are reaching the full depth and breadth of leadership with these gifts and messages.

I continue to hope and pray that we can keep focusing on the core principles and solutions that I outlined above, and moving forward and expanding in this most effective way.  As a shaman, we are taught to pay less attention to the story and what is being done or not done that is ineffective or making things worse, and instead place our energy and focus on what we know works, and the story that is the solution.  The main message here to make sure that in whatever way you wish to be part of the solution, that you make sure that you are “barking up the right tree” in doing the things that will actually move the story in the direction that you would like to see manifest.


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