Change Your Dreams and Experiences….Retroactively

I’d like to share some recent insights relating to dreaming and our waking experience.  A couple of emails ago I talked about the opportunity to actively engage in our dreams while sleeping.  To take that further, I’m reminded that we can also change our dreams retroactively.  For example, if you have a dream where you didn’t react the way you would have preferred, you can replay the dream in your mind, try to elicit the same emotion, but then change the outcome.  This will change the energy behind the dream.  Likewise, if something happened in your waking life that you would have preferred to experience differently, you can use the same technique to go back and change it.  This is a way of reclaiming yourself or your life.

Often, unpleasant or traumatic events can seem to keep a part of us; a form of soul loss.  You can reclaim that part of you.  For example, during one of our workshops in Cozumel, a student tried the scuba diving excursion during which she panicked and thought she might drown.  Later that day, our teacher suggested she go out to the water’s edge and call her soul back from the ocean.  This changed the story and her experienced of it and brought her back to calmness.  Another example might be that of a relationship gone bad or ending badly.  You can go back and change the final conversation and take your power back.  Again, the technique is to go back to the situation in your imagination, involve the feelings in your body as much as possible, then re-imagine how it unfolds and how you would feel.

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