Body and Soul for 2012 and Beyond

As we come to the close of 2011, I’ve been tracking a couple of insights that will be great to keep close during 2012 and beyond.  Let me start by offering this reminder that shamans do not buy into the myth of the the separation of spirit and matter.  For example, to shamans there is nothing more spiritual than biology and the beautiful way it seeks greater and greater complexity.  This is of critical importance when it comes to the art of prayer or manifesting for three main reasons.  The first reason is that it is through our physical world and body that we experience this drama with its rich contrast.  The second is that the extent to which we feel the physical or emotional contrast – pain for example – creates the power behind our prayer or asking signal.  And the third reason is that in order to stay healthy, we must recognize, value, and work on the body at leas to the same extent as our soul and mind or consciousness.

The first insight is to engage with your body fully.  This means experiencing both pain and pleasure to the fullest extent possible.  For example, if you are working out, or had surgery, or some other form of physical pain, before resorting to medications, allow the pain signal to focus the healing energy and provide the power behind your asking for a different experience.  I would suggest this also for emotional pain.  Likewise, allow yourself to fully experience pleasure.  In our upside-down culture, the latter is often the more difficult, and often the subject of my sessions.

So the call to action includes engaging in physical activity that brings you fully into your body; and, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of real physical electrical grounding for which I would guide you to for the information and products that I find most useful.

The second insight came from a tracking I did recently for a client that is also a student of my Q’ero lineage.  She was feeling particularly exhausted and emotionally bereft for a number of weeks – and she wasn’t the only one experiencing that.  As I began to session to track and clear whatever was going on with her, I witnessed every lineage of our non-physical healers, teachers, and benevolent teams of all traditions both Earthly and beyond gathered together in a kind of crisis mode.  It appeared they were all focused on solving some critical problem or impending event and in doing so had pulled away much of the focus that we as shamans (in the broadest sense) had gotten used to.  It became clear that we needed to ratchet up our engagement with them.  For they are not limited in where they can bring their attention and energy, but we need to ask.  The old “squeaky wheel gets the grease” scenario.

And the call to action here is to perform more ceremony, ritual, and prayer to your non-physical helpers with the intent being for them to continue to help you and to remind them that you are willing to be of service for whatever crisis is at hand if they need you. And, muster as much emotion as you can to make your plea as powerful as possible.

With Great Love and Respect, and enjoy a richly fulfilling 2012 and beyond!

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