Beware of the Tricky Work of the North – The Mastery of Not-Knowing

Great insights have been pouring through over the last month that I’m grateful to share with you.  They have to do with the very paradoxical work of the third step toward power and freedom or enlightenment.  On our life journey, and particularly the journey of the healer or shaman, the first step is shedding the wounds and stories of our own past.  This is covered beautifully in the South class of the Healing the Light Body School of the Four Winds and in our sessions via the Illumination process.  You keep the lessons, wisdom, and strength of your history as victim, perpetrator, or rescuer, but no longer carry it as heavy energy in your soul that keeps trying to repeat it in some form or another.

The second step is to shed your ancestor’s wounds and stories that you may also be carrying.  This is the work of the West class and the extraction and death rites in our sessions, and is notoriously intense.  By the time this work is complete, most clients and students have felt like they have gone through a big death and rebirth on every level of their being.  And at this point, they are at least free from the heaviest influences and are beginning to taste the true power of their creative nature.

It feels like the rest of the work, the North and East steps, will be relatively breezy.  But I am here to suggest that the trickiest and perhaps most difficult work, at least on the psychological level has just begun, and the student or client would now be served well to pay very close attention and work very diligently going forward.  If not, and they make this point well at the Four Winds, one can quickly find themselves right back at the beginning with new work to do in the South.  In our sessions, this North work is where we do the Soul Retrieval and changing contracts and beliefs in addition to the intense psychological/spiritual work I have yet to describe.  This is also a great place to begin the shadow work.

What makes the work of the North so potentially tricky and important, is that it deals with what the Q’ero refer to as the “mad mind”, and we know as ego, attachment, dogma, projection, and even self-righteousness.  The teachings and associated processes of this step, are designed to break you free of all that you know, all that you identify and dis-identify with, and any and all need to search for truth, happiness, meaning, and attachment even to your most sacredly held beliefs.  You truly get to a point where you have nothing left to defend, not even your own life.  Your purpose and work have no importance, and all that you’ve learned along with your teachers get tossed out.

The analogy is that you become so seen that you are invisible.  You become as transparent as glass and fluid as clear water.  As a result, nobody can project on to you, or attack you. You are a total enigma and shapeshifter and completely free.  If you become solid or rigid around any subject, you are now opaque and can be projected upon.  Just as an example, if there is a teacher of Veganism, and this is her purpose, belief, and identity that she is firmly attached to and that everyone clearly sees; and then one day the students catch her eating a burger and she becomes the subject of their attack.  Likewise, her student, who has identified the teacher with the teaching, may then give up on Veganism because of their disappointment with her. Both the teacher and the student suffer from being “trapped in the North.”

The alternative would be that someone in pain from their diet asks the teacher for advice, and she lets them know that a Vegan diet makes her feel great, so they may want to try it to see if it works for them.  The teacher is unattached whether they take her advice or not, because it is their prerogative to continue to be in pain, and she is not the victim of their choices.  And since she is not judging their choices, nor adamant about what they should do, they cannot project back on to her if they see her eating a burger.  So that is just the first part of the North work.  In summary, to be happy to offer whatever is being asked of you, but be completely unattached that it be received or not, and to allow for the full range of choices humans can make for or against their own goals.  Additionally, the unattachment to identity, allows you to move through any group of people or energies with a level of rapport that allows you to be an influencer and potential catalyst for change, as opposed to a rigid antagonist that would cause them to dig in their heals even more.

The question I usually get at this point, is that if nothing matters, and I essentially don’t care what I or anyone does, what then motivates me to do anything?  The trick is that once you are floating completely free of the need to do anything, you get to play any role you want that feels good to you basically, and be even more effective at it. So the play motivates you, and the experience you would like to eventually create, has a better chance of actually manifesting. The paradox and trick that you are playing with your mind to get it in line and not in control, i.e. ego driven, is to reduce it’s importance to nothing, then your deepest desires are achievable from a place of lightness and ease.

And second part of this is that you then become a master of time, instead of time owning you.  The trapped mind, needs to get something done, and right away, because it can’t stand being in the place of discomfort.  The surrendered mind has eternity because it is already comfortable right where it is, and anything else is a bonus.  My Q’ero teachers would put it this way, “why do today, that which will take care of itself in three or four days.”  You become eminently more efficient with your time and energy.

I recently did a process for a client in a session that resembled cutting the ancestral threads through the death rites, but in this case we cut the threads to her multi-lifetime commitment to a philosophy or ideology that had been creating a battle within herself.  And since there is no external judge or score-keeper, the only way we end up experiencing punishment or worthiness issues, is by playing that role against ourselves.  We become our own judge and persecutor of a never ending sentence.  Part of the North work is to remember that discernment is great, but judgment is your own trap.  You are free to discern whether or not you want to play a particular role or participate in any given experience or drama, but as soon as you judge it as bad, and nobody else should want to do it, the battles and the wounds begin.

So the work of the North is designed to free you of the most insidious of influences, your own mind.  In the South and West, it is relatively easy to identify how we played victim to the actions and myths of other’s outside of us, and then let that go.  In the North, it is more difficult to identify our own “sacred cows” that we are convinced are the “right” thing.  We feel that we have done our work, and now are very clear and righteous about who we are and what we should be doing.  And since we figured ourselves out, we tend to point to others and question why they haven’t figured it out, or why they continue to do the “wrong” things.  And in that judgmental trap, we fail to see how again we become the victims of other’s actions, and end up with more work to do back in the south.

So making it through the work of the North successfully, and into the childlike power and freedom of creating that is the work of the East, the mind surrenders to the unknowable, and to the final part of the work, which is that of keeping a secret, even from itself.  You have the advantage of non-judgment, so nothing anyone else does can bother you.  You have no identity to defend, so any attack or projection towards you is diffused and their is no need to engage in battle.  You are unattached to outcomes, so you can be fully present, relaxed, and playful in the moment.  You can keep a secret even from yourself, so you can enjoy the drama and allow everyone else to experience their own creation outside of the victim, perpetrator, and rescuer trap; and at the same time, play any role in the drama for as long as you want, and quickly and easily process and shed any part of it in the moment.  Then we really get to play like children in the theater with the powerful destiny retrieval and divination processes of the East.

I enjoy continuing to play the role of the shaman for those who are asking, so I’m grateful to you, and look forward to our next session.

With Great Love and Respect,

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