Being Driven by a Vision – The New Year Message

Shamans teach that the ultimate act of power, joy, and privilege in this theater of life is to create and be driven by a vision. In the New Year transition of 2018, there is no better time to be reminded of our power to create our ideal life experiences by exercising our visionary abilities.

The New Year transition is real, because we collectively make it real. There was such a strong desire to leave behind 2017, which I referred to in my latest video as “boot camp for the soul and psyche”, that in fact the energy shifted overnight. The goal now for the new year is to continue to use our strengthened “muscles” and give more focus to our ideal vision than we do the current manifestations. Shamans call that “being driven by a vision”, versus being driven by fear, ego aggrandizement, or a battle of agendas.

Use Your Imagination to Feel the Vision

Choose whatever vision feels most positive and empowering to you. Use your imagination to feel yourself living in that vision. My personal vision continues to be that increasing opportunities find me to give my gifts to the world and have them received for the freedom and empowerment (healing) for all beings and the full return of empowerment of the feminine in all forms and required courage of the masculine in all forms. The bigger vision that my personal vision serves is to be in a world that is sustainably healthy and more playful for all beings.

All detailed changes to make those big visions manifest like good, clear and accurate education, free and empowered women generally more in charge of all policy across the board, equal opportunity for resources, health, and work, sustainable climate-related practices, restorative justice, and so on will also have to manifest, so I don’t need to focus on each and every one; but will most certainly be given opportunities to act and contribute to each in some way.

Let the Vision be the Greatest Influence on your Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions

Find your broadest visions and let that be what drives your focus of attention, attitudes, and ultimately your emotional and physical well-being regardless of what is currently unfolding. Allow the opportunities to take action toward that vision come to you, and then act on them. And of course in the meantime, act accordingly in the present moment to address the current manifestation. A simple example of what I mean is that if a snake has bit you, get away from the snake, remove the poison, stop the bleeding, make the conditions for physical healing favorable, allow full emotional processing (cry or yell as much as you feel), then focus on your vision of being more in harmony with, safe with, or run into less things that bite you going forward.

It is my grateful honor and privilege to be available to help you with this ultimate visioning process and clearing of all that might get in the way or make it harder for you than it needs to be.

Please feel free to email me to set up a time over Skype, phone, or in-person to take advantage of these gifts and powerful spirit team.

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