Answering the Questions Presented in the Documentary Film I AM: What’s wrong with our world? And, What can we do about it?

What’s wrong? Fundamentally, humans have perpetuated a set of myths, beliefs, and realities that are primarily fear-based and require ever-increasing growth and economies in a race to control finite resources and power over those who may compete for them with you.

This leads to mentalities and realities where false judgment of both others and self creates “righteous” battles that value the prize over human life and all life on the planet, even our own.  The result of this is abuse and inequalities, and the fear and unrest that arise from that, which leads to increasing violence, hoarding, and devaluation of all life.  Virtually every major issue facing the world can be attributed to these fundamental factors.

What can we do about it? The following steps are required in the order they are listed on at least a critical mass of human souls, if not each individual soul remaining on the planet.

1. Return individual empowerment through the shedding of old wounds and healing at the essential soul level.  Clear all stories of victimhood, including for the “perpetrators” who are typically in more pain that the “victims.”   This will eliminate the core influences on our behaviors and realities.

2. Change the underlying dysfunctional myths that we have learned and perpetuated from our ancestors, our religions, our families, our societies, and our personal experience.  Find the courage to create new myths that support the better world.  For example, the dysfunctional myths that the masculine is more valuable than the feminine, or that nature is something to be conquered before it conquers us, or that spirit is separate from matter, or that value only lies in growth and productivity, or that progress only comes from competition and so on.  Instead, healthy, peaceful, and sustainable myths like all things are connected, cooperation is valuable, play is valuable, their is no judge or score keeper watching us, we create our own experience, and so on.  This second level of influences, like the first soul level mentioned above, are usually buried deep in the subconscious.

3. Obtain fearless non-attachment, awareness, and unity consciousness in our minds.  For example, practice and learn the known spiritual practices, psychotherapies, and greatest wisdom teachings, and whatever is necessary to free the mind to serve the heart, our natural compassion, and sense of joy in the interactions and drama of life.

4. Then, if people’s behaviors are still a problem for you, do what is by far the most important part of the work to complete the shift, which is shadow work.  Find and love that part of you that you have been judging and battling, consciously or not, which is being exaggerated in the behaviors of others that bother you.  For example, if you have an extremely violent person or people in your experience, find and love the violence that is still and always will be a part of you.  You are not condoning or giving permission to yourself to become and extremely violent person, you are simply putting down the weapons inside, and therefore not sending the signal that creates more of the experience on the outside.  Most major wars over ideology and morals are a result of individual and/or collective shadow.  Violence is just one example, look for opportunities with self-righteousness, dishonesty, laziness, incompetence, ignorance, and so on.  This is very important work, for as long as we are physically playing and experiencing the theatre of contrast that is our world, each and every human will always contain the capacity for all things both painful and pleasurable that may be called upon by someone’s script.  If we insist on completely eliminating even one of those traits, then where do you stop before all creation is back to the monotonous one or void – similar to a dark and silent room where contrast does not exist at all.

5. Now that enough people are free from non-serving wounds and myths that influence them from the past; and, have stepped beyond, or transcended, being controlled by the fearful ego and victim/perpetrator/rescuer trap, and are no longer waging internal battles, now we can play together like children again in the “garden.”  Our imaginations are free to dream our world into being like a children’s make-believe game, and we can experience the pleasure and little occasional pain in the moment, and process and let go quickly to enjoy the next moment.  We can remember that we are essentially one when we need to, and the rest of the time keep it a secret from ourselves so that we can mostly enjoy the theatre with each other and all of Nature.  This is the ideal that seekers and enlightened ones speak of, but the previous four steps are required to be able to truly get here.  And while there are infinite ways to accomplish the first four steps, varying in degree of difficulty and time required – even spanning lifetimes – some of them are actually relatively quick and easy too.  Just as diverse as all people are on the planet, the diversity of the execution of five steps presented will be immense, and thus we must be patient and compassionate even with the shift.

The details of how these five steps will lead to the required solutions for a world of greater peace, sustainability, respect, balance, justice, compassion, health, and dignity would require considerably lengthier discourse.  Suffice it to say, that the path, and its various branches, are clear and relatively straightforward once these primary issues are addressed.  Likewise, there are clear and proven processes to accomplish these steps. I would love to write more, speak about it, and serve on panels to share the details.

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