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Jon Rasmussen lives in Monterey, CA.  He is a full-time Shaman, Advisor, Speaker, and Author of the book, Dreaming Your World Into Being: The Shaman’s Secrets to Having the Life You Desire Now, the CDs Practical Meditations for the Modern Lifestyle and Shamanic Journeys to Empower Your Life.  Jon regularly conducts  individual, couples, and group shamanic healing sessions at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, CA and Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito, CA.  He offers group and corporate seminars.  In addition, he is available for  video and phone consultations nationally and internationally. Jon is an adviser for the non-profit organization Willka Yachay for the Qeros Nation. Jon is part of the Xinfu team delivering CEO mastery and high leadership value, and the Resonant Technology Group, a creator and accelerator of companies that bring forth technologies and products which have important, immediate and transformational impacts on human health, energy and global environmental issues. Jon has been featured as an expert on Television series such as Chelsea Does, and The Lowe Files.  Co-creator of The New Ascension Rites Course, an online book with videos that gives you simple new tools to ease your mind and make everything else easier in your life - from your health, relationships and work to your resources. .

Photo Credit:  Debbi Clark Photography (
Photo Credit: Debbi Clark Photography (

Jon's Journey

A Graduate of the Healing the Light Body School through The Four Winds, and Thetahealing instructor, Jon Rasmussen has studied and practiced numerous personal growth, healing, and shamanic traditions for over 30 years. Jon received a spontaneous kundalini awakening in 1979 and was initiated into the shamanic energy medicine practices of the Americas, the Andes, and the Amazon during the 1990s. Jon received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with Minor in English Literature from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 1987 and worked for various high-tech companies for over a decade.  Jon experienced multiple near-deaths early in his life, which catalyzed his visionary and healing gifts as well as his desire to live life to the fullest.  Since then he has been driven by his passion for the sciences and for helping people to create better lives and a better world.

Jon is co-creator and facilitator of the New Ascension Rites Online Course with powerful, simple and efficient new tools to make great improvements in every area of life.

Jon is an adviser to a Peruvian NGO called Willka Yachay (Quechua for sacred wisdom) to develop education that enables young Q’eros to know their history and rights, avoid exploitation, build meaningful lives and develop their communities.

Jon currently sits on the board of the Everyday Genius Institute, an organization that models the strategies of the world’s most effective people and teaches them in a unique book and DVD series.

Jon is a co-producer on Dahlia Wilde's "OH MY GOD PARTICLE SHOW!" ("OMGPS"), developed with the brilliant scientists at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.  The "OMGPS!" is a theatrical adventure that explores where particle physics, faith, love and miracles collide.

Session with Jon

Have questions for Jon about his sessions and practice? Check out his candid and in-depth responses to Frequently Asked Questions.

YouTube Channel

Watch Jon's inspirational and informative videos with useful tools, journeys, lectures, sessions, and ceremonies in Peru with his Q'ero teachers.

Resonant Technologies Group

Jon is a working with clients at RTG to bring awareness of what he sees to be the greatest paradigm shift in the history of humanity that is bringing the new science, technology and products needed to solve the world's most pressing problems. Visit and ask Jon to send you more information if you are interested in being involved.

The RTG Mission


Resonant Technology Group is a creator and accelerator of companies that bring forth technologies and products which have important, immediate and transformational impacts on human health, energy and global environmental issues.

Our founders have been working with leading-edge scientists, doctors, researchers and physicists for more than 15 years to support the development of breakthrough technologies. One of our founding goals is to facilitate relationships with innovative thinkers allowing for intellectual property to be respected and to ensure that the technologies are brought to market as soon as possible.

Press & Media

Articles and Interviews Related to Jon's Work

Yahoo Travel

"One of a few authentic white shamans, Jon Rasmussen says he had seven near-death experiences before he woke up on his eighth and accepted his duty to be a shaman..." 

Hilary Moore

The Spiritual Millionaire Podcast by Hilary Moore

" inspire listeners to awaken to their true identity and full potential, and to usher in a new consciousness on an individual and collective level" - June 2018


Psychology Today

"He says it took his teachers 300 years to teach him in 3 years what he will teach me in 3 hours. So stay tuned..."


Coast Magazine

"In architecture, sacred geometry is the idea that the geometric spaces and materials of the struc­tures we inhabit impact our senses in the same way nature does..."

February 2009


Carmel Magazine

"The stars are hyper-bright, practically popping out of the glowy black sky, and seem to form a cozy dome of protection..."

Spring 2007


The Lowe Files on A&E

Shaman Jon works with Rob Lowe and his sons in Episodes 1 and 4 - Summer 2017

Jacquie Aiche NY Times

New York Times Article of Client Jacquie Aiche

“...A few times a year, a shaman, Jon Rasmussen, comes in from Big Sur...I’ve always felt connected to the spiritual world,” Ms. Aiche said. - September 2018

Daily Om Soul Fire Dance Party

Featured Guest on Daily Om Course with Josette Tkacik

3 powerful shamanic practices that anyone can use to improve all aspects of their life as part of a fully integrative fitness program


Interview with Host Paula MacNab

Jon talks about how he became a shaman and differences between true shamanism and other ways of working with Spirit - April 2018

moments with marianne

Moments with Marianne

Marianne Pestana interviews Shaman Jon on the subject of Mastering your Path on her renowned iHeart Radio podcast.

January 2018

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Oyster Q&A : Luxury

"To aid this rediscovery, the hotel offers a variety of shamanistic services — including illumination, soul retrieval, divination, and fire and drum ceremonies — from Jon Rasmussen..."



Harper’s Magazine

"Kimberly Cutter investigates why so many women are foregoing psychologists to help them find the key to happiness"

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 2.44.25 AM

Luxury Spa Finder

"In the Mid-1990S, Disillusioned with work as an applications engineer, Rasmussen consulted a spiritual adviser, who said he'd enjoy working as a "mediator of souls between the worlds..." 

September-October 2007

Pioneers of Insight Interview

A Modern Shaman's Journey from Childhood to Present

A deeply intimate and insightful interview by Jerry Gaura

Bodhi Tree1

Using Shamanic Energy Medicine to Heal Your Mind, Body and Soul

Journal Article by Shaman Jon Rasmussen

Pioneers of Insight

Interview with Jerry Gaura

Jon talks about the parallels between the great wisdom traditions and the evolution of the world’s business cultures - June 2016

patrick hanes

99.9 WFRE Free Country

8/16/17 – Recorded Interview with Shaman Jon Rasmussen about his work and The Lowe Files TV Series 

Slow Living Radio Hosts

CRN Talk Radio

Slow Living 1/22/13 – Recorded Interview with Shaman Jon Rasmussen (last 1/3 of show)

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 2.20.22 AM

Karen Tate’s Radio Show

Interview on Karen Tate’s Voices of the Sacred Feminine Radio Show, September, 2010

Advanced and Simple Tools - New Ascension Rites Online Course

This is an online book with videos that gives you simple new tools to ease your mind and make everything else easier in your life - from your health, relationships and work to your resources. It also gives you access to a very advanced and graceful spirit team that will be there for you whenever you need extra support.  All of this is completely compatible with your existing spiritual practice and guides or other work you are doing, and will simply give you a turbo boost.

Improve your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Have more energy and ease in your body and mind.  Reduce stress and enjoy more clarity and love.  Experience more success and feel more joy in everything you do.

How does it work?  Simply click on the link/button to purchase and follow the easy sign-up process, and you will have complete access to the online materials to go through at your own pace and depth.  Even the simplest parts will begin to produce the results that you are looking for.  And as a bonus, we continue to add tools as they become available.


Testimonials for the Course

First of all, I would like to thank Olivia and Jon for their generosity in sharing the insights in this new online course.

I have started to study it and I would like to share with you my experiences so far with it.

The course has lots of material that I still need to explore. I am still in the first part, which consists of movements, codified with numbers and directions, as “medicine” to assist with typical physical and spiritual issues.

I had been experiencing extreme fatigue and lethargy, lack of interest in my job, where people in my team all seemed sad and confronted with one another. Low productivity, heaviness, loss of power had invaded me. I was spiralling down.

As soon as I started practicing the movements specially indicated for the conditions I stated before, I noted my energy shifting, starting to feel more physical energy, at first temporarily.

Events at work one day really threw me down. The next day I was lying down unable to move. In  this position I started to make the movements indicated for lethargy and help with work as well as other movements (all the ailments seemed to apply to me!).

Note that the movements only require you move your arms and hands, nothing physically strenuous. After some time, some minutes perhaps,  it’ s as if I had a download, all the situation became very clear to me, and something commanded me to get up and write an email to a person at work, reaching out. I did that. From then on, my energy just spiralled up. The next day I went for a very long walk: 5 hours and 40 minutes walking over 10 miles along rivers and through forests! After that I was tired but recovered over night and my energy shifted completely. Recall I was severely fatigued for months before. The next day I had a meeting with the person I reached out to by email and since then (just only four days ago) it is as if the dynamics at work has completely changed, with no more antagonism, more productivity, kindness and camaraderie. A very different game now. My energy is steadily up, my productivity at work has increased exponentially and best of all is the picture I had today of the team I work with, united, cooperating and smiling. Awesome! It’s not just me who feels better and has overall improved, it’s all the people surrounding me too!

I am not a pro spiritualist or anything near. I am a plain person, with an awareness that not all what “is” is visible. And I was able to experience, through just the parts of the course I have done, this amazing healing, fast, effective and affecting not just me but my surroundings. How can I heal if my surroundings don’t heal as well? It makes perfect sense.

I will continue the gentle practices so effective and supportive, and so easy to follow too. Open you mind, connect with your feelings, do the practices and healing will come your way. I am starting now to incorporate also physical healing and I am already feeling the changes.

The movements are like prayers, effective prayers which are answered immediately.

I am looking forward to the extra material coming. I have a lot still to explore.

This works, it’s pragmatic, it’s easy, if I can do it so can anyone.

- S, London


I have been working with Jon for a few years now, I discovered Jon via his YouTube channel, and had an instant connection and resonance to his work, energy and frequency. This was during, I can honestly say the hardest and darkest year of my life. I have studied various modalities over the past 15 years, and am a competent healer in my own right, however my life had come to a standoff and I really needed a new form of guidance.

It has taken some time for me to formulate this letter of reference, as it is not a simple exercise to distill Jon’s contribution, gift or work into a few lines. Jon’s work, with all genius, is incredibly simple yet ridiculously profound, transformative and impactful. I do not think as this life form, that I will ever truly be able to qualify or quantify what his work/gifts ultimately do, I can however testify to the fact that it works, and I know in the deepest part of myself, that if I had not discovered Jon, nor had the privilege to work with him, my evolution and well being would still be very challenging.

I was very excited and fascinated at the prospect of the New Ascension Rites Course, that he and Olivia were going to launch, I could not ‘track’ the direction and I honestly had no idea what it could be about. I was delighted when it launched, and I literally powered through the entire course in a matter of days, drinking in the knowledge, incredible tools, wisdom and layers of insight that unfolded in front of me.

It has been almost three weeks since I bought the course and I can whole heartedly say, that it has been life changing. I have mastered the movements, and start my day, every morning doing the sequence of movements x 3 facing the rising Sun. I then either listen to the ‘Transmissions and Initiation Rites’ video as a mediation, or say all of the affirmations regarding the Tribes and the four directions, also x3 each.

I run my own business in addition to working/consulting in multiple industries, all very stressful and demanding. I have however, found that since accessing these new dimensions, and tools of the Beyond-Beyond, calling up this support, and embodying the movements and affirmations/intentions, that I am much more peaceful.

When something does come up that is stressful and beyond my control, I will intuitively do the movements and say whatever affirmations best supports the challenge. I am also accessing very different and higher frequency beings, and experiences when I do healings and meditate. This knowledge has been a HUGE leap forward, in my growth and evolution. I have also found, that I am far less concerned and worried about the day to day challenges of life and business. I feel much more supported, and connected to the Universal Heart of existence, and no longer get pulled into the trivial, tragic, traumatic, survival and fear, that so much of this world feeds off and impacts us from the group conscious.

I can highly recommend Jon in his personal capacity in all forms of his work, and both Jon and Olivia, regarding being the custodians of the transmissions the New Ascension Rites to Earth, and the life changing tools and knowledge, that I am only just starting to discover and benefit from.



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