2012 Prophecies, Elections, and More

More and more I’m being asked about the 2012 Prophecies and what they are all about, what to do, and so on. I’ve been studying and tracking this for over 20 years now, and have been fortunate to get information from a range of sources from prophecies to hard scientific data, some of which is not publicly available. With the latest increase in public interest and information, I too have been tracking it more earnestly lately and have come to some conclusions that I’m offering here in brief.

The Mayan 2012 Prophecy, or Zero-Time, corresponds to many other prophecies and literal data. Other prophecies include the Biblical New Testament’s Revelation and Return of the Christ, and the Old Testaments Return of the Messiah. It also corresponds to the Hopi’s 5th World, the Pachakuti of the Q’ero, and many others. And on the scientific front, it corresponds to Global Warming, Magnetic Pole Reversal, Over Population and Resource Debt (in terms of both commodity and economic sustainability), Pandemic, and more. The Mayan has garnered much attention because of the specific date on which their highly accurate calendar ends, namely December 21, 2012. There is ample public material on all of these subjects, much of it speculative, and many people with both psychic and intuitive sense about what may or may not happen, or is or is not happening now. I can go into much more detail about the specifics and speculation than is necessary in this note.

Let me start with my ultimate conclusion that it matters very little what literally happens or does not happen, where, and to whom, in the sense that it matters only how you experience whatever takes place. And this is true for daily life anyway. The next questions usually are “What can I do about it?” Or, “How can I help others not suffer from it?” The answers are basically to continue to work towards your own clarity, ease, adaptability, creative power, and freedom with whatever practices work best for you, and, make yourself available for those who ask for help in doing the same for themselves. Yes, you can also reach out very gently for those not asking, but don’t be disappointed if they do not reach back, or even respond with hostility, remembering that most will not hear the answer to a question they have not asked. Living in harmony by being adaptable, flexible, and allowing, and being able to come to a calm center in the eye of any storm are helpful attributes.

I also am aware that it can be really fun to be in the drama, the speculation, and figuring out all the details of how these prophecies unfold, and then making choices based on the literal aspects of it. I enjoy that often myself, and wouldn’t want to take that fun away; but it is the nature of my work to cut to the chase when asked. So as always it is up to you to read on or not.

Also, it is important to remind that all destiny is based on probabilities, which allows room for shift or miracles to happen that could change everything even in the last minute. But at the same time, momentum and certain laws of physics can be very compelling. Again, speaking to the notion that if you are clear and in your power, you’ll be fine either way.

Here is roughly where I see the momentum headed at this time based on all inputs. This big shift and rebalancing that appears to be centered or culminates around the 2012 date may be at the least a complete species-wide awakening, rude or otherwise. Awakening meaning an uncovering of a human nature that is “heart-centered”, fearless, unconditionally loving, non-judging, and compassionate – where there is no longer a need for battle internally or externally. The fearful masculine warrior becomes the loving masculine creator and explorer, and all aspects of the feminine are fully valued once again. This literally means what is known in Judeo-Christianity as Thousand Years of Peace, or to the Q’ero-Inka as the Golden Millennium, and joyfully sustainable and harmonious living without missing a thing about humans more warrior-masculine dominated history.

Where all the controversy, speculation, and drama arise is in the transition from where we have been to this new collective human experience. This transition period is where the challenges and opportunities lay. My conclusion is that this transition can be “the easy way” or “the hard way,” as it is in daily life. And by now you know I generally favor the “easy way” at this point in my life – and this is the basis for the shaman work that I do. I attract those who are more ready for the easy way. Basically the hard way can be more traumatic and difficult to deal with, and by their nature, the representations of the warrior-masculine tend to hold on stubbornly and therefore are less likely to seek an easy way to change or heal in the first place.

The Hard Way:
Mythically speaking, the Warrior-Masculine goes out kicking, screaming, and slashing. This literally means more of the mentality and action of trying to destroy that which disagrees with us, even if we die trying while holding steadfast to the righteousness of our worldview and beliefs. It means more war, fearful hoarding of resources and money, and ignoring the feminine in the form of nature and our bodies, just to name the basics. This could culminate for example in catastrophic or apocalyptic nuclear war or pandemic disease, and most importantly the psychological inability to cope and adapt in a healthy way and thus give up life altogether by choice. This approach is what has been dominating the news for a long time now, and little by little, people have already been awakening to the difficulty and ineffectiveness of it. And in my tracking the awakened are the majority, but aren’t great for news ratings. Some of our world leaders tend to exemplify and inspire this fearful approach, and pose a strong influence that requires an even greater reason for coming into our own power. In other words, the leader is not an excuse for us not to create our own experiences anyway – albeit possibly making it more challenging to do so.

The Easy Way:
A wave of healing is taking place that gently sheds the old Warrior-Masculine paradigm and resultant old wounds and beliefs within us, as well as the constructs that support it, and allows the powerful and valuable feminine to come back into balance with the powerful masculine. Those who come to realize that they create their own experiences regardless of literal events will be far more capable of adapting and thriving under any external circumstance and therefore have no need to resist or battle. Paradoxically, this is likely to attract the miracles that could allow the apocalyptic events not to happen in the first place, and for rebalancing to happen more gradually and gently. There may still be people who choose to suffer around painful events as in daily life, but in their own time, they will learn of the alternative, by either asking or observing your example.

The Hard Way or the Easy Way, as with everything, starts with your personal/individual choice, and becomes a collective experience to the extent that a number of individuals choose one way or the other. Choosing the easy way requires the courage to change and do the work before it is forced upon you. Some of our leaders tend to exemplify and inspire this approach, which is always helpful. But again, no matter which leader is in front of you, it is still best to do the work that allows you to create your own experience regardless of external influences, and be unattached to other’s choices in that regard.

Since it is election time, I will share that I personally prefer the example, inspiration, and influence of hope over fear. If not for the sheer reason that I like how the message of hope brings tears of joy to my eyes when such leaders courageously step up and present this message from the heart with real conviction. The gift of being able to see all the way through people and situations to their true core, and the broad and long-term vision of how they can influence this ultimately beautiful shift is what allows my heart to be touched in this way. This is true for the friend or client in front of me, or for those far away and on TV, phone, or radio. And I know that hope and love are far more powerful than fear in gently creating true and lasting changes towards this new personal, national, and global paradigm. The differences of the old and new paradigm with regards to our leadership choices have never been clearer than they are now – at least to me.

So according to all the prophecies and data, we may have a little over four years to get ready for the potentially culminating shift and rebalancing. The “get ready” starts with our energetic, mythic, and psychological work. From all indications, just doing things in the literal, may not be enough to thrive. Literal things that I think are worth doing to support yourself in and after such shift are learning to live simply again with less resource consumption and dependence on the industrial constructs, tending to your relationships and community, learning to enjoy life’s simpler pleasures again, following your heart and gut more, and practicing getting to a calm center and harmony when things get tough around you. They say it won’t make a difference where you live, but as always, follow your inner guidance and be where it feels good (more so than where it makes logical sense).

I am personally not changing much in my life in a big way right now, but this is because I am confident in my rapid adaptability. In other words, I’m not giving up all luxuries and moving away to a wholly sustainable community right now, but if and when the time comes, I would be happy to. One of the biggest and most controversial aspects of this shift that comes from all my sources as well, is the notion that the human population would need to be reduced from current levels by as much as two-thirds in order to get back to and maintain a sustainable balance on the Earth, short of the unknown miracle. People are dying (in many ways) and being born in great numbers every split second anyway, and the difference between the two over an extended period of time may suffice. In fact, recent statistics suggest that the population of Western Europe is already shrinking in this way over the last several years and is projected to continue.

This kind of population rebalancing has happened before many times in all biological systems. Whether it happens over a shorter or longer period of time only challenges our ability to cope psychologically, and the bottom line again will be the choice we make to suffer or not. Pain happens, people are missed, and hopefully those left can process the loss in a healthy way. For those who go non-physical, no problem, they will be free, on a break from the theater for a while and fine, I’ve been there. The body is amazing how it even blocks out the pain. Whether or not more drastic rebalancing happens, know that you will be fine, everyone else will be fine and that as always it passes, and you still have the choice and control over your experiences no matter what. And the really cool thing is that if absolutely nothing unusual happens, you will have the bonus of a greater quality of life anyway for the work you have done. It’s all good anyway you look at it.

Although my sources say that our literal efforts to live sustainably and reverse what has been done to our environment and bodies – collectively known as the Green Movement – may be too late to stop the rebalancing, they will be a critical set of practices in the time to follow. So, whether it is too late or not, it is still worth the effort to continue to pursue them now as well as our internal soul, mythic, and psychological work.

To summarize what to do: Practice non-suffering around painful events, choose love over fear, be allowing yet discerning, and work towards the power and freedom to create your own experiences more deliberately, consciously, and unconditionally. And as always, when tired – sleep, when hungry – eat, when sad – cry, when angry – scream, and when tickled – laugh. Enjoy playing a part in the Human drama every moment that you possibly can while you are here, no matter what is currently happening on stage.

I’m always open to more tracking, questions, discussions, and updates around this or other big events.

With Tremendous Gratitude for You,
Jon Rasmussen

PS. My book “Dreaming Your World Into Being” is helpful and selling well in spite of my absolute minimal marketing attempts. People are telling me that they love it, and I hope it reaches many more of those who are asking. I’ve promised to do more to market it better and always appreciate your help and suggestions. I would love to come and do talks about it and about 2012 if you know of groups of people that might be interested.

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